AirTalk Wireless News Hits the Road traveled to Kentucky last weekend to do a site analysis for a hunting lodge. The 300 acre remote site has limited cell signal and no internet providers. Ideally, they'd like a strong cell signal that can also bring in internet at the lodge, as well as spots on the hunting property. Even better if they can have internet for their trail cams.

Tracy, our system engineer, toured the site by ATV and found the best and most accessible spots that have enough signal to boost. The mountainous terrain and lush foliage creates a challenge for Tracy. He's come up with a phased solution that will coincide with the building of the lodge and improvements on the hunting property. Once the first set of antennae are installed, the reception will be re-evaluated. The system can then be expanded as needed. This method will provide a budget friendly, step-by-step solution to fit the clients needs, without going overboard, or being inadequate.

We're looking forward to going back soon and getting things rolling!