AirTalk Wireless News successfully brings cell reception and internet to remote hunting spot headed back to Kentucky last week to install and network the equipment necessary to bring a beautiful, remote hunting area online. 

On our first trip to do the site inspection, senior engineer Tracy Markham found a weak signal high above the camp. The property owners wanted a strong cell signal that could also bring in internet at the lodge and certain spots on the hunting property. Tracy had a 60 ft. retractable tower strategically placed on the property to mount the Wilson antennas, which would boost the cellular reception. 

Meanwhile, Tracy assembled other equipment on a panel in a box to amplify the signal. When we arrived, he first installed those high up on the tower, along with another antenna to send the WiFi signal to a recreation location further down the mountain. Once that was all up and the cables were run down the tower and through a trench to the first building, another equipment panel was installed inside the building. He added panel antennas to emit the boosted cell signal to the grounds around the first building, the fire pit area and another building further up the hill. 

Employees and guests of the hunting camp can now surf the web at three main gathering locations throughout the camp. They are also thrilled to now be able to make cell phone calls where they were not able to before the Wireless system was installed. 

A hunting lodge will eventually be built further down the mountain on the riverfront. will return to Kentucky when construction is underway and the site is ready to have the cell signal booster and internet installed.




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Touring property by ATV Hits the Road traveled to Kentucky last weekend to do a site analysis for a hunting lodge. The 300 acre remote site has limited cell signal and no internet providers. Ideally, they'd like a strong cell signal that can also bring in internet at the lodge, as well as spots on the hunting property. Even better if they can have internet for their trail cams.

Tracy, our system engineer, toured the site by ATV and found the best and most accessible spots that have enough signal to boost. The mountainous terrain and lush foliage creates a challenge for Tracy. He's come up with a phased solution that will coincide with the building of the lodge and improvements on the hunting property. Once the first set of antennae are installed, the reception will be re-evaluated. The system can then be expanded as needed. This method will provide a budget friendly, step-by-step solution to fit the clients needs, without going overboard, or being inadequate.

We're looking forward to going back soon and getting things rolling!



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