Wireless Data Plans

IoT (Internet of Things) plans from AirTalk.net put you in touch with your devices the way you need to reach them. IoT communication is happening over wireless networks that allow the devices to be mobile and placed anywhere.
AirTalk.net from Technicavolous offers competitive data packages and bundles. Have us help you choose a plan that best suits your data requirements. 




Whisper IoT Data Plans

Whisper IoT 1MB Data
Whisper IoT 10MB Data
Whisper IoT 100MB Data
Whisper IoT 500MB Data

(Best) Suited for
• Industrial Telemetry
• Fleet Location
• Counters
• Video cameras
• Gate access
• Thermostat
• Irrigation
• Lighting

and much more!

Screaming IoT Data Plans

4G speeds with reasonably priced overages. Change plans at any time.

Screaming Data 2GB Plan
Screaming Data 6GB Plan
Screaming Data 10GB Plan
Screaming Data 20GB Plan
Screaming Data 30GB Plan

  (Best) Suited for
• Mobile Internet Routers
• HotSpots
• Remote Desktop Control
• Streaming Audio