Wireless Data Plans

IoT, M2M (Machine to Machine) and Mobile Internet plans from AirTalk.net put you in touch with your devices the way you need to reach them. M2M communication is data between two or more devices, frequently one gathering information and reporting it to another to trigger a response or perform an action. Historically this was done by relaying information through a link of networked machines back to a central server for analysis. Modern M2M and IoT communication is happening over wireless networks that allow the devices to be mobile and placed anywhere.
AirTalk.net from Technicavolous offers competitive data packages and bundles. Data only packages are either uncapped low speed with no overages, or high speed with reasonable overages. Have us help you choose a plan that best suits your data requirements. 








Fixed speed, uncapped data

128 KBPS          ZM2M128K
256 KBPS          ZM2M256K

(Best) Suited for 
•  Continuous data streams
•  Telemetry
•  Command and Control
•  Counters
•  Remote Switching
•  Heartbeat 








1MB             IOT1MB-D
10MB           IOT10MB-D
100MB         IOT100MB-D

(Best) Suited for
• Industrial Telemetry
• Fleet Location
• Counters
• Video camera
• Gate access
• Thermostat
• Irrigation
• Lighting

and much more!




North American Mobile Internet (NAMI)

Max available speed, throttles to 2g speeds when allocation is met. Plans can be upgraded mid-cycle to avoid throttle.


(Best) Suited for
• Mobile Internet Routers
• HotSpots
• Remote Desktop Control
• Streaming Audio
• Tablet Data